You may have heard about volatile organic compounds (VOCs) before. But are you aware of what they are and where they’re lurking in your Daniel Island, South Carolina, home? Let’s briefly look at what VOCs are, their negative impact, and how homeowners can reduce or eliminate them.

What Are VOCs?

VOCs are chemicals that get emitted as gases from solids or liquids. These chemicals are often harmful to your health, especially the respiratory tract. You can find them in many common household products. From cleaning supplies to carpets and paint, your home may have VOCs floating around. Here are a few things you can do to reduce or eliminate them from your home.

Install an Air Purifier

Air purifiers help to trap fine particulates that include many VOC chemicals. Using special filters, the air purifier effectively helps to remove harmful particles, pollutants and contaminants. As a result, it improves the quality of your indoor air. The filters need regular cleaning for the equipment to perform efficiently.

Replace Synthetic Carpeting and Flooring

Engineered flooring and synthetic carpets that have a latex backing release VOCs. That new carpet smell isn’t healthy to breathe. As an alternative, use natural wool, cotton, or sisal rugs over natural wood or concrete floors. When cleaning the rugs or floor, use natural cleaners free from volatile organic compounds.

Use Low VOC Paint

Latex paint is another contributor of VOC chemicals. When painting the interior of your home, look for paints labeled "natural" or "non-toxic" with no extra solvents. Low VOC paints should read 50 grams or less per liter of paint.

Switch to Natural Household Cleaners

Air fresheners, window cleaners and many other cleaning products that we use every day have VOC chemicals that off-gas. Look for cleaners made from natural ingredients, or make them yourself with vinegar, baking soda and other natural ingredients.

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