Freelancing has grown in popularity in recent years. As a result, more people are working from home offices than ever before. If you’re spending more time working in your Charleston, South Carolina, home, it’s important to understand how the quality of your indoor air impacts your health. With the right IAQ boosters in your home office, you can protect yourself and take care of your most pressing tasks.

Fresh Greenery

Certain types of plants can improve the air quality in your home naturally. Greenery also comes with a number of other benefits in an office, including reduced stress levels and improved productivity. The top plants that eliminate pollutants from the air in your home office include:

  • English ivy
  • Chinese evergreen
  • Dragon tree
  • Spider plants

Air Purifier

An air purifier is another option that can improve the quality of the air you breathe in your home. Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. You can add a small tabletop unit to your desk to keep the air around you clean or invest in a whole-home air purifier that works with your HVAC system to remove contaminants from the air. If anyone in your home suffers from allergies, asthma or other respiratory conditions, adding an air purifier can also help reduce symptoms, including congestion, headaches and eye irritation. This is one of the best IAQ boosters out there.

AC Maintenance

Keeping up with AC maintenance is a necessity, especially when you’re worried about the quality of your indoor air. Change your filter every one to two months, or anytime it starts to look visibly dirty. A regular tune-up is also important to maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system. As a result, you’ll not only prevent poor IAQ but also higher cooling bills throughout the summer.

Protect yourself when working in your home office by investing in indoor air quality services and add-ons from Carolina Custom Air. Call us today at 843-654-4229 to get started.

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