Do you want to keep your home at a comfortable temperature? If so, you should be strategic about the placement of your HVAC thermostat. The location of your HVAC thermostat can affect how warm or cold your home in Awendaw, SC, feels and your energy costs.

HVAC Thermostat Location is Key

During the warm days that you sometimes experience during the springtime, you’ll appreciate having a reliable air conditioning system. If outdoor temperatures drop at night, your heater might have to kick into action to keep you warm. Your thermostat will tell your HVAC system when to turn on and off.

The temperature in different parts of your home could vary. For example, a spot near a window may feel colder than somewhere closer to a heater. If a thermostat’s temperature doesn’t represent the overall temperature in your home, your air conditioner or heater might not turn on or off at the optimal time.

Higher Heating and Cooling Bills

An incorrectly placed thermostat may result in higher energy bills. Your heater or air conditioner might turn on too soon if your thermostat feeds it the wrong information, and the added expense could add up over time.

Where is the Right Placement?

You can enlist the assistance of a professional in determining the most strategic options for HVAC thermostat placement. In general, you’ll want to pick a location in the center of your home rather than on the periphery. There are other factors to consider as well:

  • Proximity to windows and external doors.
  • Proximity to warm appliances.
  • Amount of sun exposure.

We want our neighbors in Awendaw, SC, and the surrounding area to feel comfortable in their homes, no matter the outside temperature. Call Carolina Custom Air if you need help with thermostat placement or HVAC maintenance in your home.

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