Space heaters offer an inexpensive way to heat small areas like your bedrooms and living rooms. However, they can’t improve your air quality and are often potential fire hazards. Here’s why you should consider getting a ductless mini-split system rather than a new space heater in Charleston, SC.

Offer Heating and Cooling

Mini-split systems can heat your home in the winter and cool it in the summer. They’re flexible HVAC systems with exceptional energy efficiency. A space heater is only good in the winter before you have to pack it away when spring arrives.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Space heaters aren’t able to purify your indoor air. Instead, they can only heat the space. Some models that burn fuels can even increase your risk of harmful carbon monoxide leaks. Mini-split systems come with washable filters that cleanse the air before it reaches your living spaces.

Offer High Energy Efficiency

Space heaters aren’t an efficient way to heat your home during the winter. They can often only warm a small area, which is why you’ll likely need several to heat multiple areas.

Ductless mini-splits connect directly to your thermostat and follow your programmed temperature settings. This type of zoning HVAC system allows you to heat various rooms based on your comfort needs. There are even modern features that can start or stop your mini-split system automatically.

Minimize Safety Risks

You must watch your space heaters at all times in case they’re knocked over or set too close to a flammable object. Mini-split systems are some of the safest HVAC systems available. With routine preventative maintenance, they can provide reliable and safe heat for more than a decade.

Ductless mini-split systems are better than space heaters because they’re energy-efficient, don’t put your safety at risk and provide both heating and cooling options. Call us at Carolina Custom Air for all your ductless mini-split and heat pump service needs in Charleston, SC.

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