Staying comfortable during the summertime in Isle of Palms, SC, requires a well-functioning air conditioning system. Like any other machine, your AC system can experience problems from time to time. By understanding why various strange noises are coming from your air conditioner, you can identify the problem and fix it quickly. Read on to learn more.


One common sound you may hear coming from your air conditioning system is a banging noise. This is typically an indicator there’s a loose or broken part inside it, like a crankshaft, connecting rod or piston pin. For this issue, it’s best to call an AC professional to handle it.


You’re likely familiar with a clicking sound when the AC system turns on and shuts off. While that type of sound is completely normal, your air conditioner shouldn’t emit any sort of ongoing clicking. If it does, it’s likely a defect in the thermostat or other electrical components of your AC system. You should schedule an AC repair right away to avoid the problem from worsening and raising your cooling costs.


Squealing sounds are very common when a blower or fan motor is starting to fail. It’s important to realize there are fans in both your indoor and outdoor units. The squealing sound from your outdoor unit can travel through your home’s ductwork to the indoor unit. For this reason, it’s important to check all the fans and blowers throughout your system to identify the culprit of the annoying sound.

If you’re experiencing a weird noise with your home’s air conditioning system, you should give Carolina Custom Air a call today. Let one of our experienced service technicians listen to the noise, explain the problem and fix the issue before it gets any worse and more expensive to handle.

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