Some homeowners in Charleston, SC, operate a heat pump to keep them warm during the chilly winter months. If that’s you and your system is constantly running, there’s probably an underlying issue causing it. Here are the reasons your heat pump isn’t working efficiently:

Dirty Air Filter

If the air filter is dirty, the heat pump will strain to keep you comfortable. You need a clean air filter that will supply warm air effectively. We can check and replace the filter while conducting routine heating maintenance.

Low Refrigerant

A heat pump utilizes refrigerant to move heat from outdoors into your home. When the refrigerant levels are low, the equipment will work harder to warm your home. Therefore, the heat pump will run continuously trying to absorb and transfer the heat.

We can remedy the situation by checking for leaks and sealing them. Plus, we’ll top up the refrigerant so that the heat pump can work correctly.

A Small Unit

An HVAC system should be the right size for your home’s square footage to function efficiently. If it’s small, the system will struggle to keep you and your loved ones warm. As a result, it’ll constantly run to achieve the desired temperatures, making it inefficient and raising your energy bills.

Outdoor Unit Glitches

The outdoor unit is responsible for absorbing and moving heat from outside into your home. If it isn’t in excellent condition, the indoor system will run constantly. The bad news is that you may not get the comfort you need, and your energy bills will be high.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

When the thermostat settings are incorrect, you won’t get the temperatures that you like. Check to make sure you’ve set your thermostat correctly before calling us for a repair.

Contact Carolina Custom Air for heat pump repairs if you notice the above signs. Our team of certified service technicians will do an excellent job for a fair price.

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