Many people depend on a good night of sleep, but there may be issues in your home that are silently affecting that most sacred time for you and your family. Discover four common things about your HVAC system in Awendaw, SC, that may impede your sleep.


Humidity is an important factor around your home. Over the summer, your humidity is likely too high, encouraging allergen growth. Over the winter, with your heater running, your home is likely too dry, causing dry throats and itchy skin.

The solution lies in humidity control. Use a dehumidifier over the summer to keep your humidity down. Plan to run a whole-house humidifier over the winter to keep enough moisture in the air.


Your HVAC system should be nearly silent when it’s running properly. If it’s making noise, it may keep you from reaching a deep and restful sleep. It also means that something needs attention.

You can sometimes solve extra noise by simply changing your furnace filter. However, other noises may be a warning your system requires furnace repairs.

Air Quality

Your air quality may trigger asthma, allergies and respiratory irritation, making it difficult to sleep well. Your HVAC system directly affects the air quality in your home, either removing contaminants or adding them to your air. Keep your air quality in check by changing your air filter, having your ducts cleaned and scheduling regular HVAC maintenance.


Temperature is one of the most easily controlled variables impacting sleep. However, when your HVAC system has problems, you may experience inconsistent temperatures, making your room too hot or too cold. This happens when the circulating fan malfunctions or the system requires calibrating or cleaning.

Make sure your HVAC system is contributing to a good night of sleep instead of detracting from it. Call to schedule your HVAC maintenance appointment with one of the NATE-certified service technicians at Carolina Custom Air today.

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