Are you thinking about buying a new heating system? Heat pumps offer energy efficiency when heating or cooling your home. Here are four considerations when purchasing a new heat pump for your Daniel Island, SC, home:

Consider the Type

When choosing a heat pump, consider the three main types: ductless mini-splits, air source and geothermal. The air source heat pump works by transferring outdoor heat into your home through ductwork. Geothermal heat pumps draw heat from the Earth while mini-splits work similarly to the air source but without ducts. Which one is best for your home depends on your budget and needs. Each type will serve you differently and has its own pros and cons.

Consider the Size

The size of the system is critical. Purchasing the right sized heat pump will save you from high energy bills and imbalanced humidity. It’ll also prevent issues such as temperature fluctuations, noise pollution and short operating cycles.

Consider the Cost

When purchasing a system, consider how much you would like to spend and the merits of such decisions. Generally, geothermal heat pumps use less energy to transfer heat from the Earth, which means you save a lot in the long run.

However, they attract a higher upfront cost compared to a traditional HVAC system. Also, heat pumps with high energy efficiency tend to have a higher upfront cost.

Consider Efficiency of the Heat Pump

Different heat pumps have a variety of advanced technology options that improve efficiency. For instance, the highest efficiency heat pump comes with a variable-capacity control. The capacity controls adjust the blower and compressor to fit the required heating or cooling at any particular moment.

They adjust to prevent the system from always running at full capacity. Since heat pumps seldom operate at full capacity, there’s minimal noise.

The list of options to consider in heat pumps is long, depending on your needs. If you’re shopping for a new system, contact the team at Carolina Custom Air for heat pump installation and maintenance services.

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