Your HVAC system is by far the most important appliance in your Awendaw, South Carolina, home. It helps to keep your home a comfortable temperature and control humidity levels. You can get even more control of your HVAC system with a smart thermostat. Check out some of the amazing benefits you can expect when you arm your HVAC system with a smart thermostat.

Enjoy Greater Energy Efficiency

Smart thermostats are designed to improve energy use in your home in various ways. First, the ability to set custom programs to reduce energy consumption while you’re away can shave a significant amount from your energy bills. Learning thermostats have the ability to learn your habits, making small adjustments to improve energy use. Finally, many models come with energy reporting so you can pinpoint where you can conserve.

Receive Convenient Maintenance Reminders

Many smart thermostat models come equipped with maintenance reminder features. Some will send alerts to your phone when the power is down or when there’s another type of system failure. Other reminders can include notifications when your filter requires changing. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about a dirty filter straining your HVAC system and increasing the risk of a breakdown.

Control Your System Remotely

You can control your smart thermostat from your phone or with a smart device anywhere you have a connection. Simply download the app and make adjustments to your temperature settings, receive notifications and check on the current home temperature. This can be a great way to save energy if you find yourself away from home for a longer period and wish to adjust the temperature to a more energy-saving level.

Smart thermostats come with a number of features to help you get better control of both the energy use and comfort in your home. Need help finding the perfect model for your home? Contact us at 843-654-4229 today. Carolina Custom Air will help you find the model you’re looking for.

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