Your HVAC system accounts for a high percentage of your monthly bills. But your bills shouldn’t be increasing dramatically as months go by. An HVAC system is a significant investment, and you expect it to serve you for a long time, but you need to know when it’s reached the end of its useful life. Here are three signs it’s time to invest in a new HVAC system in Mount Pleasant, SC:

More Than 10 Years Old

Search online and you’ll find estimates ranging from 10 to 25 years for an HVAC system’s lifespan. But when any system has served you for more than 10 years, you might start spending more on repairs and energy bills. A new HVAC system will be energy efficient, reliable and effective, and opting for a new model will save on your energy costs.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air filters are responsible for trapping dust, bacteria and debris, but even so, the system may reach a point where it fails to clean the air. If this happens, your house becomes stuffy, and indoor air pollution could trigger asthmatic or allergic reactions among susceptible members of your household. This might indicate that your HVAC system isn’t functioning properly and you need to purchase a new one to improve your indoor air quality.

Frequent Repairs

If your HVAC system fails to keep your home comfortable or it breaks down frequently, the repairs might cost more than purchasing a new system that’ll work effectively. A new HVAC system will save you on repair costs, and it’ll be more energy efficient, lowering your monthly energy costs.

If you want to improve your home’s comfort economically, then you need to install a high-efficiency heating and cooling system. For HVAC installation, replacement, upgrades, repair and maintenance in Mount Pleasant, SC, contact our team at Carolina Custom Air.

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