Monitoring your air conditioning system is important, as problems can occur without warning, leading to costly repairs or replacements in Avendaw, SC. Identifying signs indicating your AC system needs repair is the best way to ensure you stay comfortable in the summer heat. Here are four warning signs that it’s time to schedule AC repair services:

Unusual or Loud Noises

If your AC system makes unusual noises like grinding, squealing or banging, this could be a sign of a failing compressor or loose parts. Such noises indicate it’s time to call an AC repair service technician for a professional assessment. Failure to take action could lead to an expensive repair or even a complete AC replacement.

Insufficient Airflow

Blocked or clogged ducts can cause reduced airflow. This will lead to an inconsistent temperature in your home and poor overall performance from the AC system. If some rooms become hotter than others or some areas of your house don’t cool well, get an expert to unblock the clogged ducts and improve airflow.

High Energy Bills

An energy bill higher than usual can occur due to a faulty air conditioner. Poor cooling, a damaged compressor, dirty filters or other issues can cause your AC system to use too much energy. Fixing these issues can help reduce energy costs and improve your home’s comfort.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Temperature readings may change from room to room due to duct leakage, a faulty thermostat, a worn-out AC system or malfunctioning fans. Inconsistent temperature readings could lead to an overworked AC system that stresses its components. An expert can diagnose and repair any temperature inconsistencies to help improve your home’s comfort levels.

AC repairs can be costly, but ignoring them worsens the problem and could lead to further damage and higher costs. Contact Carolina Custom Air if you need professional AC repair and installation services. We can increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.

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