If you have concerns about your indoor air quality, try installing a ventilator. In conjunction with an HVAC system, a ventilator will clean the air in your Mount Pleasant, SC, home. Besides cleaning the air, ventilators offer other additional benefits.

What’s Ventilation?

The letter ‘V,’ which represents ventilation in the acronym HVAC, often goes unnoticed. However, ventilation forms a significant part of this heating and cooling system because it allows the exchange of fresh air within your home. Therefore, ventilation improves indoor air quality because it aids in removing pollutants such as carbon dioxide, smoke, moisture and dust particles.

How Does Ventilation Improve IAQ?

You can choose to ventilate your home in Mount Pleasant, SC, either naturally or mechanically. Natural ventilation means that you rely on fresh air that comes in through cracks or windows. However, in mechanical ventilation, air exchange takes place through air filters or ducts.

Mechanical ventilation works best for airtight residential and commercial buildings. Generally, mechanical ventilation uses modern equipment to allow the exchange of indoor and outdoor air.

Remove Pollutants

Mechanical ventilators help to combat various pollutants that trigger allergic reactions such as asthma. Some common contaminants in your home include pet dander, fumes, gases, dust and chemical products. Mechanical ventilators also prevent the build-up of excess moisture and unwanted odors.

Control the Source of Fresh Air

A suitable mechanical ventilator can control where the fresh outdoor air comes from and where the stale indoor air flows. It implies that these ventilators will only collect and direct fresh and odorless air into your living space. It also means that it won’t expel stale and moisture-laden indoor air in areas that can harm people.

Refresh the Air Constantly

Although mechanical ventilators form a part of your HVAC system, they function independently. This means that even if the HVAC system isn’t running, these mechanical ventilators will continuously refresh the air.

If you reside in Mount Pleasant, SC, and require HVAC installation, maintenance and repair services, contact us at Carolina Custom Air. We’ll help you improve indoor air quality, maximize energy efficient and enhance comfort.

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