You come home after a particularly chilly day in Charleston, South Carolina, and turn your thermostat up. But as soon as your heater kicks on, a continuous series of bangs echoes through your home. The last thing you need is for your HVAC system to quit. Fortunately, professional HVAC maintenance can make all of your heating and ventilation problems go away. Professional maintenance preserves your HVAC system by reducing strain and improving its energy efficiency.

What’s Professional HVAC Maintenance?

Professional maintenance covers everything necessary to keep your HVAC system running efficiently. Over time, the strain of maintaining comfort in your home wears down the components of your HVAC system. That wear can not only increase utility costs as your unit draws more power. It also decreases the lifespan of your system. Professional maintenance catches wear and other issues that may reduce efficiency and your unit’s lifespan.

During a professional maintenance appointment, our expert service technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your system. If we find wear or damage, we will recommend repairs or a replacement. We will also check your filters, inspect your refrigerant levels, calibrate your thermostat and much more.

How Does Professional Maintenance Preserve Your System?

Nothing protects and preserves your HVAC system like professional maintenance. The winter months are particularly hard on HVAC systems most homeowners tend to push their heater to keep their homes cozy. Without maintenance to prepare your system for such strain, the season could be detrimental to your HVAC system’s health. Professional maintenance helps your system handle the load of the coming months.

Professional maintenance also improves the overall energy efficiency of your unit. Your HVAC energy efficiency not only affects your energy bills. It also determines how well your system can handle your comfort demands. With professional maintenance, your system’s energy efficiency will rise enough that it’ll experience less strain while keeping you comfortable.

Keep your HVAC system around for many more winters to come by scheduling professional maintenance. To schedule a maintenance appointment, call Carolina Custom Air at 843-654-4229.

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