The condition of your HVAC system not only affects your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. It can also have an impact on your indoor air quality. Proper HVAC maintenance can reduce contaminant buildups in your system and improve air circulation in your home, leading to better indoor air quality. Below are three ways routine maintenance can lead to cleaner and healthier air in your Daniel Island, South Carolina, home.

Prevent Contaminants From Recirculating

The air filter serves the important purpose of preventing dirt and dust from getting into your HVAC system. If it clogs, it won’t be able to trap contaminants properly, allowing them to circulate in your indoor air.

Replacing the air filter is an easy task that you can do yourself or leave to the professionals. If you plan to do it yourself, check your filter at least once a month. Replace it with a new one if it has accumulated so much dirt that you can’t see through it. As a result, your HVAC system will perform better.

Stop Particle Pollutants From Building Up

Air ducts are the components of your HVAC system that channel conditioned air to different areas in your home. As they gather dirt, dust, mites, pollen and other pollutants, they can cause your indoor air quality to become increasingly worse. Therefore, it’s essential to have your ducts cleaned on a regular basis. It’s difficult to clean your ducts thoroughly if you don’t have professional equipment, so it’s best to hire a professional.

Ensure Proper Humidity Levels

The evaporator coil in your HVAC unit plays a vital role in maintaining proper humidity levels. It also helps prevent harmful biological growth and reduce the concentrations of allergens in your home. If you sign up for a preventive HVAC maintenance plan, the service technicians who come to your home will clean your evaporator coil and make sure it’s in good working condition.

If you’re looking for top-quality HVAC maintenance services, get in touch with the helpful staff at Carolina Custom Air to schedule an appointment. Call us today at 843-654-4229.

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