The best way to beat the heat in Charleston, SC, is with an air conditioner in your home. You may not realize that some of the simple things you do every day have a big impact on it. Take a look at some of the bad habits that make your AC system less efficient, which can lead to higher cooling bills.

Using Your Thermostat Wrong

A smart thermostat lets you set the temperature in your home and keep it at the same level all day. When you set the thermostat too high to save money, you put more pressure on the air conditioner and can make it fail. You usually want to set the interior temperature as close as possible to the temperature outside.

Closing or Blocking Vents

No matter how big or small your Charleston home is, you may find yourself moving your furniture over some of your vents or closing them when you don’t use certain rooms. Both blocking and closing vents are risky because it increases the air pressure in the ducts. This can result in major damage and reduce the air quality of your home.

Avoiding the Air Filter

The air filter in your air conditioner reduces the pollutants and allergens that you inhale. If you ignore the filter or avoid changing it, you also cause the AC system to work harder to push air through it. Whether you have a standard air conditioner or a ductless AC, you need to clean or replace the filter.

Putting Off Air Conditioning Repairs

The longer you wait to repair your AC system, the more money and time it’ll take to fix the small problems you put off. If you hear strange sounds or notice that your home feels warmer than it should, call for help.

Get help making your AC system run more efficiently by calling Carolina Custom Air. Schedule routine maintenance or an AC repair today.

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