Unhealthy air quality in your Mount Pleasant, SC, home may be making you and your family sick or uncomfortable. Airborne pollutants can build up over time indoors. But an air purifier is able to help reduce these particles throughout your home and freshen your IAQ. Air purifiers clean indoor air by capturing toxic compounds that cause lung irritation, allergies and cancer.

Protects Lung Health

Firstly, many indoor air pollutants that come from household cleaning products, cooking or cosmetics can cause respiratory diseases and trigger asthma. Air purifiers can trap even the tiniest of airborne particles. As a result, it decreases the chance of you inhaling them. An air purification system can also reduce concentrations of harmful tobacco smoke that could be leaking into your home from outside.

Minimizes Irritants and Allergens

Pet hair, dust and pollen are common irritants found inside of homes that may trigger your allergy symptoms. Young children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to poor indoor air quality and severe reactions to airborne particles. Air purifiers are able to trap and lock in these airborne contaminants to reduce the amount of the particles throughout your home.

Lowers Cancer Risks

Finally, some air particulates can cause certain types of cancers, especially lung cancers and mesothelioma. To prevent this, air purifiers filter these particulates out of the air to mitigate the risk of your family inhaling these harmful chemicals. As a result, you take a significant step toward protecting your health.

If you’re struggling with poor indoor air quality from dust, pollen, pets, tobacco smoke or other air pollution sources, an air purifier is worth the investment. An air purifier can safeguard your family’s health by reducing airborne lung irritants, capturing allergens and lowering carcinogenic pollutants. Reach out to us at Carolina Custom Air for indoor air quality services. We’ll help you find an air purifier for your Mount Pleasant, SC, home.

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