The summers offer a great outdoor environment, but the scorching heat can present discomfort in your home. An effective air conditioner cools your home and provides an optimum temperature during the summer. Here are the top ways you can maintain your air conditioner during the summer in Awendaw, SC:

Change Your Air Filter Regularly

Air filters trap dust and other particles from entering your AC system. Dirty air filters reduce the efficiency of your system. Changing or cleaning your air filter will ensure that your air conditioner is working properly to improve your indoor air and cool your home effectively.

Check Vents and Ducts for Debris

Ducts and vents clog with debris and dirt after a long period of usage. This makes your air conditioner work harder to clean the air and reduces its efficiency. Blocking the vents with curtains or furniture will prevent the air from flowing and cause higher temperatures in your home.

Look Around for Leaks

Air leaks through cracks in your windows and doors, letting cool air out of your home. This makes your AC system work harder to provide cooling. Check whether your doors and windows have cracks and seal them using caulk and weather stripping to ensure that your AC system is working efficiently.

Inspect your Condenser

The condenser unit outside your home contains important equipment required to cool your home effectively. Tree branches, leaves or bushes may cover your AC unit and reduce its efficiency. Trim and clear the area around the condenser and ensure there are about 3 feet of open space surrounding it from all directions.

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