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Carolina Custom Air is excited to announce that we are growing our team and reach by joining forces with Coastal Air Solutions, another locally owned and operated home services provider in Charleston. This acquisition allows us to combine our experienced teams and expand our mission of being the best, most helpful providers of home preservation services throughout the Charleston region.

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Carolina Custom Air’s Maintenance Services Save You Money

At Carolina Custom Air, we recognize that home and business owners have many demands on their budgets. We understand it’s sometimes tricky to prioritize them. However, neglecting HVAC maintenance isn’t one of the ways we encourage residents to save money. Regular preventive maintenance saves you money in the long run by catching small problems before they erupt into large-scale headaches. It’s always more cost-effective to make a minor repair to your HVAC system than deal with a major failure.
By properly maintaining your HVAC system, you’ll also save money on energy costs. Neglected equipment becomes dirty and inefficient, and your energy bills eventually will start to soar. Buying heating and cooling equipment is one of the more expensive investments you’ll make in your home or small business. Carolina Custom Air performs two tune-ups per year, which is a system inspection to keep your unit running at peak efficiency.
During cooling system maintenance, we:
  • Check all electrical connections for loose or burnt wires.
  • Inspect indoor and outdoor unit coils. Check for cleanliness.*
  • Inspect air filters.**
  • Inspect fan motors. Lubricate if required.
  • Check thermostat operation and calibration.
  • Inspect drain pans and condensate lines. Check for cleanliness.
  • Check refrigerant levels.
  • Make sure outdoor unit is free from debris.
  • Inspect blower wheel. Check for cleanliness.
  • Record temperature drop across indoor unit.

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