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Carolina Custom Air is excited to announce that we are growing our team and reach by joining forces with Coastal Air Solutions, another locally owned and operated home services provider in Charleston. This acquisition allows us to combine our experienced teams and expand our mission of being the best, most helpful providers of home preservation services throughout the Charleston region.

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Schedule Appointment

Once you contact us via phone or online, our team will make a service appointment that suits your scheduled needs.

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We will send you an email and text booking notification confirming your appointment. You will receive a reminder notification the day before your appointment.


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Installation Appointment

On the day of your appointment, you will receive a call and text that your service technician is on the way.


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Follow Up

After your installation is completed, we will reach out to make sure you are satisfied. All repairs include equipment and labor warranties.




Reasons To Install a New Air Conditioning System

You’re likely considering air conditioning installation for one of two reason-either this is your first central air conditioner, or you have an older system and you’re looking to make efficiency and performance upgrade with an AC replacement. 

1. Replacing

As air conditioners get older, they begin to lose their efficiency. Also, the older the AC unit gets, the more likely it is to need costly repairs that may only be short term solutions for extending the life of the unit. Maintaining old AC units eventually becomes so expensive that it’s better to go for air conditioning replacement with a newer model.


2. Upgrading for Efficiency

A particularly old air conditioner may be rated at a much lower efficiency level, or the fuel-source used may not be convenient for the homeowner. Sometimes, cutting your losses and upgrading to a different system is the best decision for your wallet. The energy and utility savings over time with a high-efficiency AC unit make it a smarter choice.


3. Adding Central Air to an Older Home

Some older homes do not have an existing central air system. Adding central air instead of using window or floor units can help decrease electricity bills and help to keep the temperature in your home cooler and more even throughout.

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Serving Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas since 2007

Upfront and Honest Pricing

Same Day Service

Professionally Licensed

Trust the Team at Carolina Custom Air for Your Next AC Installation

When you entrust the team at Carolina Custom Air with your next AC installation, rest assured we’ll cover every detail to ensure your system operates at maximum efficiency. We’ll perform precise load calculations, and if needed, we’ll look outside of traditional solutions to solve any problems you might have with cooling your home. In addition to being a family-owned business, here’s why else customers continue to choose us:


  • We’ve built our business on referrals from satisfied customers.
  • As a Trane Comfort Specialist, our comfort advisors will find the best comfort solution customized for your home.
  • We only hire the most qualified and educated service technicians in the field.
  • We place extra emphasis on honesty, respect, responsibility and every detail.
  • We focus on new HVAC technologies, including ductless AC systems.
  • We offer flat-rate prices and provide free second opinions.

We Provide The Best Customer Service

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