A wine cooler helps maintain the temperature of your precious bottles at your preferred level. Like any appliance, the cooler may break down once in a while.Here are a few possible reasons your wine cooler in Daniel Island, SC, isn’t working as it should:

Fan Problems

When the condenser fan fails in a compressor cooling system, the other components may overheat. This excess heat spreads to the entire cooler, interfering with its cooling abilities.

Dust and debris can inhibit your fan’s functionality. Removing the contaminants may take care of this problem. If the fan fails to work after removing the pollutants, consider replacing it.

Thermoelectric wine coolers transfer hot air from the interior cabinet to the outside using a fan. Sometimes, the fan may disconnect when you move the cooler to a different place.

It’s not advisable to attempt DIY repairs because you may end up damaging more parts and worsening the problem. A professional can check the fan and replace it.

Compressor Issues

A compressor wine cooler works like a regular refrigerator. The compressor is the component that delivers the cooling effect through a vapor compression cycle.

When the component starts overheating or doesn’t receive enough power, it’ll start to malfunction. As a result, your cooler may stop cooling your bottles.

Poor Ventilation

A thermoelectric wine cooler requires proper airflow to function properly. If you place multiple objects too close to the appliance, they may restrict air circulation.

Also, it’s not a good idea to position it too close to walls or place things on top of it. In addition, avoid placing heat-generating appliances near the cooler.

A thermoelectric wine cooler works best if the surrounding air isn’t too hot. Your HVAC system comes in handy in regulating your home’s temperature. If the HVAC unit isn’t cooling your home efficiently, a professional can help you repair it to create a conducive environment for your wine cooler.

Contact Carolina Custom Air for professional wine cooler services. Our service technicians have worked on multiple systems, so they have the necessary experience to accurately diagnose and fix any issue.

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