Do you have a wine cooler in your home or business in Charleston, South Carolina? Wine coolers are appliances that usually require minimal maintenance. But whether you own a new or older cooler, it’s important that you treat it with care. Here are three things you can do to decrease your chances of requiring a wine cooler repair:

Location Matters

Where you place your wine cooler is a vital step toward preserving your wine and appliance. If you have a cooler with frontal ventilation, place it under a counter, build it into the cabinets or let it sit on its own. If your cooler doesn’t have frontal ventilation, don’t place it in a confined space. Make sure it has at least 6 inches of clearance around it.

Don’t Overload Your Wine Cooler

Overloading your wine cooler can be a costly mistake. To prevent this, purchase a cooler that’s at least one size larger than what you’ll need. You shouldn’t overload a smaller cooler if you have too much wine at one time. Balancing the capacity will make sure that you preserve each wine bottle stored in the cooler properly. Exceeding the maximum capacity can increase the risk of the wine spoiling and the cooler overworking because of hot spots.

Clean Regularly

Wine cooler maintenance should involve regular cleaning. When you’re cleaning your cooler, focus on removing any excess moisture or frost. As a result, you’ll prevent creating a bigger problem that requires a costly repair. Remember to unplug the cooler and remove all the bottles and shelves before cleaning it. Use a soft cloth to wipe the inside.

Is your wine cooler making strange sounds or not turning on? Contact Carolina Custom Air today at 843-654-4229 for all your wine cooler repair needs. We’ll make sure your cooler is working well to preserve your finest bottles of wine.

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