You were so excited when you had your wine cooler installed in your Awendaw, SC, home. However, you want to be on the lookout for some common wine cooler issues so that you’ll know when to call in a professional for maintenance or repairs.

Not Cool Enough

You don’t want the frustration of going to your wine cooler and finding that it’s not keeping your wine cool. Your expensive bottles that you treasure will be safe if you have your wine cooler maintained like your AC system. A little extra time to make sure it’s working optimally will save you frustration in the long run, not to mention possibly saving your wine from ruin.


Resist the urge to keep all of your wine in the cooler at one time. The size of the refrigerator will determine how many regulation-sized wine bottles will fit comfortably to keep the temperature cooling the bottles evenly. When you purchase your cooler, it’s better to go large and have room left over than to have too small of a space with bottles crowded in.

New Filter Needed

If your wine cooler comes with a filtration system, it’s important to change the filter every six months. Many collectors choose to have a filter as a way to keep random odors from getting into the bottles via the corks. You can change the carbon filter yourself. You can also have it changed as part of your regular maintenance visit.

Poor Ventilation

It’s important that your wine cooler can breathe just like the wine it holds. When you have your cooler installed, make sure it’s located in a spot that allows for plenty of ventilation through the front or back. It’s important to leave at least two inches on each side to allow for further ventilation.

If you’d like to set up a maintenance appointment for your wine cooler, contact Carolina Custom Air. We’d be glad to make sure it’s working correctly for you.

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