There’s nothing better than settling down with a glass of your favorite wine, but you don’t want your groceries competing for space in your fridge. Not only do wine coolers store and age your wine properly, but they’re affordable for any home. Below are five benefits of a wine cooler for your Isle of Palms, SC, home.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters prevent odors from seeping in and affecting your wine. Not only does this improve the taste of your wine, but it improves the wine’s color. Carbon filters trap dust, smoke and other molecules that would otherwise affect your wine.

Lack of Natural Light

UV rays found in natural light damage your wine. While dark, thick bottles provide your wine some protection, it still destroys the wine’s natural flavor over time. Wine coolers protect from natural light but still provide the illumination you need to see.

No Vibrations

Vibrations found in refrigerators disturb the natural sediments wine has, disrupting wine’s natural aging process. A wine cooler has no compressor, which means it doesn’t have any vibrations to disturb the wine and the sediments. This also makes it easier to provide maintenance as needed

Perfect Temperature

You must store wine at a precise temperature range for maximum effect. Standard refrigerators have a temperature setting below 50 degrees, which prevents your wine from reaching its full flavor potential. A wine cooler provides consistent temperatures and keeps it at the temperature range needed to bring out its flavor.

Visually Pleasing

Wine coolers come in many sizes and shapes to accommodate almost any placement and style. You can choose wine coolers that go under kitchen counters, match your cabinetry or even choose freestanding wine coolers.

No matter your favorite types of wine, all you need to know is your desired storage capacity. Contact Carolina Custom Air today to experience our high-quality wine cooler services.

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